Kara Ward is a producer, project manager and performing arts consultant based in Melbourne, Australia.

Her business is focused on support and advocacy for independent artists. Kara is also available for curating and producing live performance and managing projects and events.

With a flexible and customised approach, Kara works collaboratively with contemporary artists across all genres.


Kara has worked in all facets of the performing arts. Her well rounded skills and experience comes from a range of positions across the arts industry.

With her experience and understanding of the creative process, she is uniquely placed as a guide. Kara is adept at anticipating the needs of an artist planning a project or presentation, resulting in the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Kara facilitates the realisation of projects from conception through to presentation and beyond.

Working with artists

Support is essential to the cultivation of creativity. Kara nurtures artists to develop an authentic voice and approach.

At the heart of each collaboration and engagement are her guiding principles of open dialogue, shared responsibility, respect and care. This begins with a shared assessment of the artist’s producing and advisory needs.

As an advocate and producer, Kara aims to share knowledge and develop long-term collaborations. This helps artists to develop their trajectory, creating meaningful partnerships and networks along the way.

"We can't praise Kara highly enough in terms of her clarity as a producer, her sector knowledge, and vitally her passion for our work. We have been deeply impressed by Kara's ability to be across everything from the artist's perspective right through to the presenter's view point. This enabled us to plan our project from the ground up and to troubleshoot issues before they even arose in a very complex work involving as many as 70 artists. "
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Nicola Gunn / SANS HOTEL
Hello My Name Is
photo: Pier Carthew

Robin Fox
RGB Laser Show

one step at a time like this
Since I Suppose
Photo: Paul Moir